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Lemon Pie Coco-Roons, 6oz - Wonderfully Raw Gluten Free ♥ No Dairy Lemon Pie Coco-Roons. Honey I Shrunk the Lemon Pie! All the flavor of a Lemon Pie in a Coco-Roon. Made from the finest organic ingredients. This tasty treat will bring a smile of amazement to your day! Support you health, feed your spirit... At Wonderfully Raw, we invite you to join us on this joyful journey towards health and true nutrition. We know first-hand the bnenefits of raw foods and desserts, having rebuilt our own health through raw living foods. Our Lemon Pie Cocoroons are prepared from the freshest organic ingredients, with personal attention to taste and texture. Chef Sequoia has pulled all the stops to bring the finest, most delicious raw food o the market. Handmade with love. Ingredients: Wildcrafted raw coconut, almond flour, organic maple syrup (unfiltered & LOW TEMP), organic vanilla, organics coconut oil, Himalayan crystal salt, fresh lemon zest.
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