Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap CINNAMON Shreds



Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap Original Shreds Available in Peppermint,Cinnamon,Spearmint,and Ginger. Ingredients: Specially formulated soap made from saponified coconut, palm, extra virgin olive oils and pure essential oil. NO added glycerin, sweeteners, silicates (sand), fluoride, dyes, stabilizers or other material that can damage teeth. Certified Kosher by Star-K. Tooth SoapTM is shredded for ease of use and packed in natural amber glass bottles to keep all light from damaging the sensitive essential oils. Tooth SoapTM tastes best if used within 3 months of opening the jar. All batches of soap are made small to insure you are getting a fresh product. One jar lasts 2 people 3 months so you SAVE MONEY! Note: This estimate is based on those who brush twice a day.
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