Truly Raw Centrifuge Coconut Oil 1 Gallon



Harvested in Sri Lanka 100% Raw, Certified Organic, and Kosher I am SOOOO EXCITED about our NEW RAW Centrifuge Coconut oil!!! I have been searching for the BEST SOURCE possible and I FINALLY got it!!! I GUARANTEE that it will be the BEST coconut oil that you have ever tasted!!! This coconut oil is TRULY raw, unlike 90% of the coconut oils out on the market. The consistency of our coconut oil is like NO OTHER. ENJOY! In some jars, or over time, you might see a slightly brown coloring on the bottom of the jar. This is a settling of the micro-fine coconut husk. These husk particles are below .3 micron so they are getting through the fine mesh filter. This layer is actually super healthy to ingest --- it's supervital... Customers are sometimes alarmed, but it is just that the contrast makes it look bad.
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