Balanced Woman Cream



Many women experience symptoms of hormonal imbalances due to a lack of progesterone and an excess of estrogen in the body. This all-natural progesterone cream, derived from wild yams, can help balance female hormones naturally. Is natural progesterone cream safe to use during pregnancy? Yes. Use 1/8 tsp three times a day from conception. In third trimester, gradually decrease and discontinue 2 weeks before scheduled delivery time. After delivery, wait a minimum of 30 days to begin usage and then use 1/8 tsp twice daily for 3 weeks a month until regular cycle occurs, then resume using as a woman menstruating. Please see "Use and Servings" tab for other applications, such as during the menstrual cycle, as a nutritional supplement for menopause, a natural remedy for hot flashes, and relief for post-hysterectomy, and post-oopherectomy hormonal imbalances.
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