Food Show Recipes Set (4 DVDs)



Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, and other health conditions are directly influenced by what we eat and how we live. Our bodies, designed to be self-healing, can't do this job and maintain any kind of health, let alone optimal health, if we continue to feed ourselves food that doesn't nourish. Today, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have learned there's a better way to live, a better way to achieve healthy and wellness - The Hallelujah Way. But where do you start on this fantastic new journey to health? In the kitchen! This four-DVD set features some of the best episodes of the Hallelujah Food Show - Recipes for Life, where raw living food recipes are created right before your eyes. DVDs Included With This Set: Choices, Variety, and Convenience Prepare an evening meal that offers many options - from salads and salad dressings to cookies and ice cream. Basics for Great Recipes Try these delicious soups and salads as a stand-alone meal, or add them to a broader menu. Holidays & Special Occasions Celebrate with these delicious meal ideas - from main dishes to dessert to Eggless Egg Nog! Eating in the Outdoors Share these great dishes around the campfire, on a day hike, or picnic! Features refreshing drinks and even dehydrated potato chips.
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