Healing Through Cleansing Cleanse All of your Body Systems: Stomach, Small Intestine, Live, Lymph by Dr. Koyfman



(136 pages; $12) The abdominal area is the “kitchen” of our bodies. How well or poorly this kitchen functions depends on whether we feed our system with nutrients or poison it with toxicity. If your “abdominal kitchen” produces nutrients, you are getting health; if your kitchen produces poison, you are getting disease. —Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D. Find in this Book: How you can help your abdominal organsbecome healthier and free of toxins to sustain the health of your entire body! Ancient Remedies for: • Weak Immune System • Negative Emotions • High Cholesterol • Heavy Metal Toxicity • Joint Pain • Parasites and Yeast • Liver Disorders • Hemorrhoids • Lymph Problems • Sexual Organ Disorders Dr. Koyfman’s Unique Cleansing and Healing Approach: • Cleansing Food for Every Organ • Fresh Juices and Healing Herbs • Self-Massage of Internal Organs • Unique cleansing and Healing Exercises • Best Breathing Techniques for modern person
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