Healing Through Cleansing Heal and Prevent Sinus Problems, Thyroid Dysfunctions, Allergies by Dr. Koyfman



(106 pages; $12) In many ways our health depends on the health of organs located in the head and neck regions: the brain, thyroid gland, eyes, salivary glands, ears, nose and sinuses, throat, tongue, teeth and gums. The contemporary American diet usually includes a large number of mucus-forming foods that result in the generation of mucus through-out the body. Excess mucus settles throughout the body, especially in the head and neck organs giving rise to a number of ailments in these organs. Negative thoughts and emotions can destroy the connection between the brain and other organs and lead to various diseases. If You Suffer From: Thyroid Dysfunction Sore Throat Bleeding Gums Runny Nose Gingivitis Tooth Decay Ear/Sinus Infections Conjunctivitis Find in this book simple techniques to: cleanse, get immediate help and prevent these and other health problems. Valuable Information in This Book: How to Improve Brain Function and Restore Proper connection between the Brain and Other Parts of the Body Self-Diagnosis through the Tongue and Eyes Simple Help for Pollen Allergy And Much More . . .
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