Healing Through Cleansing Improve Your Digestion and Control Your Weight-Naturally by Dr. Koyfman



(110 pages; $12) A Healthy Diet does not only provide nutrients but also helps to clean and heal the body. To make your diet healthy, you need to learn the principles of healthy eating. —Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D. Principles of Healthy Eating: • How to Choose the Diet that Works Best for You • Proper Food Combining to Improve Digestion • What Digests Better for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner • How Long You Should Wait between Meals • Ancient Secrets to Improve Digestion • Correct order during the meal, to improve your immune system Learn these simple Principles To Heal and Prevent: * Indigestion * Weak Immune System * Yeast Infection * Low Energy * Sugar Cravings * Overeating * Over/Under Weight * Gas/ Bloating * Acid Reflux * Constipation Diet for Different Purposes: Healing And Preventive Diet Diet on Daily Basis Unique Programs to Lose Weight Naturally Monodiet: To Give Rest to Your Digestive Organs Simple, Healthy Recipes for Living Foods Healthy Desserts
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