Healing Through Cleansing: Main Cleansing Channels: Colon, Kidneys, Lungs, Skin by Dr. Koyfman



(126 pages; $12) Every day, toxic substances enter our bodies from the various chemical and biological contaminants in our environment. Additionally, toxins form within us due to poor dietary habits, stress, aging, and harmful bacteria that populate our bodies. Our excretory organs can't cope with such a large amount of work and need constant, conscious support. How can you help your main excretory organs become free from toxins, bacteria, and infections? How can you help improve your immune system, your breathing, skin, and sexuality, normalize your weight, and sustain the health of your entire body? You will find the answers in the pages of this and subsequent books in the Koyfman Series. Find Simple Remedies For: * Hemorrhoids * Kidney Stones * Indigestion * Constipation * Skin Disorders * Colds/Flues * Water Retention * Fatigue * Allergies... Also Learn: How Your Thoughts Can Help to Improve Your Health Meditation During Walking and Jogging Recipes to Dilute and Eliminate Toxic Mucus Breathing Exercises to Improve Digestion To Break up Blockages in Muscles and Internal Organs Food #1 and the Best Way to Digest It. . .
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