Herbal Healing for Children, by Demetria Clark



Many families are finding herbal medicines to be a safer, simpler, more natural way to care for their children. With fewer side effects than conventional medications, children often improve after just a few doses of herbal remedies—even when standard medicines have been ineffective. This easy-to-follow, practical guide to dealing with common childhood health issues empowers parents to take control of their children’s recovery from illness, and to give them safe and effective alternatives to potent medicines. Along with finding easy teas for a tummy ache, drops for earaches, and treatments for eczema and diaper rash, they’ll learn about: commonly used herbs, why they work, and what conditions they treat how and where to buy or gather herbs, and how to preserve and store them how to make their own decoctions, herbal teas, infusions, and salves recipes for popular remedies, so they’re always available when needed which herbs to always have on hand and which can be dangerous for children Demetria Clark is an internationally known herbalist and aromatherapist. She pioneered online herbal education, having taught over 1,000 students via distance learning as of 2006. She founded the Heart of Herbs School in 1998 which offers online certification courses in herbalism and aromatherapy. She teaches in the U.S. and Canada at herbal and international midwifery conferences. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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