Listen To Your Gut by Jini Patel



In the late 1980s, Jini Patel Thompsonís doctors told her that she would never be able to work, have children, or live a normal life. Tortured by widespread inflammatory bowel disease (Crohnís), she was skeletally thin, weak, malnourished, suffering severe intestinal bleeding, and in almost constant pain. Despite their best efforts, the medical profession was unable to help her. Jini literally decided to heal herself, or to die trying. Refusing surgery, she began a seven-year mission researching and experimenting with home remedies and natural treatments for her illness. Now 100% drug and surgery-free for over 20 years, Jini has become an internationally recognized expert on natural treatments for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders. Jini discovered eight key steps that nearly everyone with a colon or bowel disease needs to take in order to heal their gastrointestinal disorder. EIGHT KEY STEPS TO HEALING: 1. ProvidE bowel rest using a liquid diet 2. Eliminate the disease-causing bad bacteria and fungus in the gut 3. Re-populate the gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria 4. Heal intestinal inflammation and ulceration 5. Resolve nutritional deficiencies 6. Detox your living environment 7. Address the emotional factors underlying your disease 8. Balance your hormones In 2000, Jini made her natural healing program available to help others in her first book, Listen To Your Gut. This revised and expanded ebook version of expert Jini Patel Thompson's complete natural healing program for irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease includes a 480-page ebook and accompanying helpful assessment and tracking tools, including a 45-page Healing Journey Workbook, tests, charts, treatment plans and summaries, quick reference guides and a food diary. Listen To Your Gut gives you the complete natural healing tools you need to heal your gastrointestinal disorder without drugs or surgery, including targeted healing diets, treatments for children with a colon or bowel disorder, and valuable information on traditional treatments such as drugs and surgery. If you implement each of Jiniís eight steps Ė thoroughly, preferably simultaneously, and without skipping over any of them - you will join the tens of thousands who have benefited from the fastest, most complete natural treatment plan for Crohnís disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, or IBS available. Listen To Your Gut is now in its second updated and expanded print edition, and is sold in over 40 countries. Even if you have tried every bowel and colon disease treatment available without success, donít give up hope Ė Jiniís natural remedies have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. Other natural healing books from Jini Patel Thompson include Listen to Your Colon, Listen to Your IBS, and The IBD Remission Diet. "The Listen to Your Gut program is a tour-de-force in better understanding our body's second brain. From the specificities of a wide variety of physical treatments, to probing the inner workings of our psyches and how they relate to our gut, it has something to offer almost anyone who has an intestinal tract. In fact, I have already recommended it to two friends with intestinal/rectal problems and begun using a few of the recommended supplements myself." - John W. Travis, MD, MPH Co-author, "Wellness Workbook: How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality" Founder, first wellness center in USA Co-founder, Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
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