Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth, by Tonya Zavasta



Author: Zavasta, Tonya Media: Book Format: Paperback Pages: 456 Publisher: BR Publishing Year Published: 2007 When a beautiful young girl turns your head—Wow! When a radiant fifty years young woman turns back the clock—How? Here are the ready-to-use secrets on acquiring superior health and a youthful glow, while avoiding the unattractiveness of aging. Quantum Eating is the gate to health and longevity. Questions about aging which have baffled thinkers and scientists for centuries are answered in clear, straight talk mingled with attainability and hope. This truly mind-energizing book is filled with fresh insights that challenge our most basic assumptions. This book addresses vital, fascinating topics: the quantum body we occupy…raw foods as concentrated sun energy…the circadian rhythms of vital organs…should we sun-block the sunlight?…breathing for optimum weight…oxygen therapies…and many more. It explains how you can be malnourished while eating a lot of healthy foods, how you can be dehydrated while drinking a lot of water, how you can be shortening your life by using certain supplements and how you can be aging your body by eating at night. This book is candid, intimate, and intellectually illuminating—on the very edge of new science. Quantum Eating exposes the limits of the mechanical thinking and materialism that dominate most modern anti-aging research. Quantum Eating is about stepping away from a three-dimensional view of the human body and into the multi-dimensional world of healing possibilities. It offers rare optimism about aging. An easy, natural “elixir of youth” can be achieved without being a slave to traditional medicine. Life is a grand adventure. This book offers a way for us to reach for an optimum level of well-being in order to live the grandest life we can. Pour these new ideas into the chalice of your life, and watch it overflow with pure joy and vitality!
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