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Raw Knowledge, Part 2 by Paul Nison (E-Book)



Review of Raw Knowledge, Part 2 Zealous for more teaching and inspiration, I looked forward to reading this follow-up book to Raw Knowledge. Paul has come back again providing a collection of interesting interviews that offer much insight for the new and seasoned raw fooder alike. As is headlined on the front cover, Paul stresses learning and empowerment, and this is the key: absorbing more information and perceptions, and having an "open mind" beyond the average person's precious moments each and every day. What particularly appealed to me in Raw Knowledge 2, was the variety of raw personalities presented. Included are a wide range of diverse subjects meant to inform us as we progress further in the book. A very inviting aspect is that the questions and answers are laid out in an intimate style. While reading, you'll feel totally in sync with some of the interviewees as if they were speaking directly to you. As we all know, whether it's due to time, location or financial constraints, it's not often that we can have a "one-on-one" with our favorite raw leader. Here is the golden opportunity to have this experience as close as possible to the real thing. In Raw Knowledge 2, you'll find views on superfoods, fruitarianism and possible solutions to your own problems in overcoming certain emotional and physical challenges. These suggestions will streamline your own path and save you the distress others have suffered-besides, who wants to endure more pain than necessary? Ideas on how to cope with uncooperative partners, declining dental health, various detox symptoms, along with many pitfalls to avoid, are found throughout the book. You will also find out all you need to know about the two sets of laws that operate in our world. With all this offered wholeheartedly and with love, how can you go wrong? You will be inspired by the many success stories of these leaders who have literally changed their lives. Many healed themselves of otherwise incurable diseases such as colitis, chronic depression, breast cancer, arthritis, asthma and so on. Let them show you the way! It's important to mention the wonderful platform which has been provided here to the female voice or energies by including such dynamic women as Dr. V. Virginia Vetrano, Annie Jubb, Rhio and Karen Fierro, to name a few. It's refreshing to see topics like the menstrual cycle, PMS and pregnancy discussed for a change. Before any male readers get frightened away right now, let me point out right here that there is plenty of information covered within the interviews of Arne Wingqvist, Dr. Robert Sniadach, John Fielder and others for them to be quite satisfied. By delving into both male and female experiences, I believe we can better understand each other in order to help us grow together as the raw food movement continues to take hold around this planet. Be reassured by a woman athlete who "wanted to show that it is possible to grow stronger as you grow older." With the right information and attitude, we can all look forward to accomplishing more than we ever thought possible in our earlier lives. At the age of 67, this Ironman Triathlon athlete maintains an energy level the envy of twenty year olds! "There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman who eats a raw diet." Why not be beautiful (or handsome) and strong? There is more in this book to help you through when the going gets though, or when you simply need a little boost, or are trying to figure out something you haven't been faced with before. Little treasures abound throughout Raw Knowledge 2 which will continue to inspire you. For example, "Attitude and intention are potent food for thought." What about an old Hawaiian saying, "You only really need three things: something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to share it with." Replace "fear with knowledge." With patience and the information here from which to pick and choose, you will receive all the answers you're looking for. I have no doubt that you will enjoy Raw Knowledge 2 as you get to know these individuals better. At the same time, you will surely learn much about yourself. And isn't that what it's ultimately all about, to learn as much as you can on your own path so that you can help others as well? Each of these men and woman are exactly that, leading lights that provide encouragement and leadership for us all. May the Universe bless them for sharing themselves with us. Good luck on your journey, and keep seeking Raw Knowledge. Mary Ziolo Veggie Hedge +1 416 599 3370
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