Wheatgrass Book, the, by Ann Wigmore



Wheatgrass can help you get more from your life. More energy to be active more confidence in your ability to stay healty and more hours alert and awake each day to accomplish your goals in life. We are assuming you are reading this book because you feel there is room for improvement in your health. Maybe you get worn out easily, wake up tired or in pain, or can't manage to drop those ten extra pounds by the end of the spring anymore. In any case, your probably right: there is room for improvement in your health and wheatgrass juice could be your route to a healthier, happyier life. In this book you will find valuable information On: -The benefits of Wheatgrass in your life -How Wheatgrass works in your life -How Wheatgrass may extend you life -Super nutrition of Wheatgrass -Healing Miracle of Wheatgrass -How to grow and juice Wheatgrass -How to cleanse and fast using Wheatgrass -And the many uses of Wheatgrass
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