Dining in The Raw by Rita Romano



Dining in the Raw by Rita Romano Softcover - 222 pages At last, the world of science is beginning to recognize the food-immune system connection�how healthy eating can actually help cure chronic ailments such as allergies, skin disorders, arthritis, mood swings, colds, digestive problems and more. Dining in the Raw is the first recipe book that explores high-enzyme living using raw food cuisine a unique journey into health and well-being through natural, living food. In Dining in the Raw You'll Discover: How Raw Foods help control overeating and normalize weight without counting every calorie Comprehensive chart on food combinations for optimum digestion and acid/alkaline blood balance How to find nutrient sources in your everyday foods The anti-aging power of fresh food juicing, marination and dehydration The healing abilities of cooked food staples such as whole grains, legumes, land and sea vegetables, as well as a variety of soy products including tofu and tempeh. PLUS OVER 700 RECIPES INCLUDING: How to prepare entrees from meatless Shepherd's Pie and Vegetable Lasagna to unique treats like Barbecued Tofu, Millet Yam Cakes and Pecan Cutlets Delicious salad classics such as Watercress and Mushroom, and delightfully different ones like �Dandelion, Almond Coconut, and Sweet Jicama garnished with Anise Seeds Delectable desserts from all-natural fresh fruit pies to Walnut Carob Truffles, Chestnut Pudding and homemade Marzipan Easy-to-Make vegetable soups, sweet-and-sour sauces, tangy dressings, delicious snacks, and savory condiments guaranteed to compliment every meal!
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