Moringa Leaf Powder, 8oz - Moringa Delight



Moringa Leaf Powder, 8oz - Moringa Delight Moringa is nature�s true multivitamin. It is also the most nutrient dense Superfood discovered and is known to benefit in the following ways: Increased & Sustained physical energy Radiant & Vibrant Skin Overall Well-Being Mental Clarity & Positive Mood Anti-Aging Lower Anxiety & Depression Liver & Full Body Detoxification Weight Loss through improved metabolism & digestion Balanced cholesterol levels Less wrinkles & fine lines Reduced inflammation & blood sugar/blood pressure We produce the highest quality Moringa in perfect growing conditions on the largest Moringa farm in the world. Our land in Nicaragua has fertile volcanic soil, zero traces of heavy metals, and our fields are fertilized with compost made from the Moringa tree. Maxiumum Whole Food Absorption Naturally grown & GMO/MSG/Gluten Free No Chemicals, preservatives, or gamma irradiation Dried less than 100 F � Nutrients & live enzymes intact Protect from HEAT, LIGHT AND MOISTURE Suggested Use: Take 1 teaspoon with water or juice of preference three times a day on an empty stomach. Increase or decrease use for desired results. May also be added to shakes, gravies, meats, soups, cereal, or tea.
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