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Raw Kitchen 4-Page Chart



A well stocked living foods/raw foods kitchen is the foundation to any healthy vegetarian lifestyle. The Raw Kitchen provides a definitive guide to the essentials of high quality raw and living foods, including easy to reference organic shopping definitions, how to purchase the best organic foods, and tips concerning kitchen equipment selection. The food preparation and storage suggestions necessary to sustain a raw food vegetarian lifestyle make this charge and indispensable resource. An essential resource for Living/Raw Foods Lifestlye. Each title deals with an important aspect of the living/raw foods lifestyle. These charts focus on the most important tips, tricks, shortcuts and key concepts. A great way to introduct newcomers to living/raw foods. Learn, reference and review in 5 - 10 minutes or less. Save time by not flipping through books or watching DVD's. Written by experts in the field, including Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute. Fully laminated and waterproof/tearproof to provide years of trouble-free use.