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Sproutman's 'Turn the Dial' Sprout Chart



Sproutman's 'Turn the Dial' Sprout Chart $6.95 "What a Fun & Educational Chart!" ---says Healthy & Natural Magazine Designed by Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman, author of "Sprouts the Miracle Food" 7" x 9" hanging chart/wheel with 37 full color photos. ISBN# 978-1-878736-15-4. Sproutman Publications, 1999. Everything You Need to Know About Sprouts...Is Right In Your Hands! A Field Guide to Growing and Eating Sprouts At your Fingertips! Just turn the Wheel and...Dial up the most complete cataloging of sprout growing information and photos available. Chart Includes: * Complete Sprouting Instructions * Taste, Growing Method, Usage, Seed amounts, Days to maturity, Light, Skill level * Types of Sprouters * Recipes such as "Sprout Bread" * Where to Get more information - FREE! World's Most Nutritious Vegetables A Fascinating Educational Tool. Sprouts are: * Delicious * 100% Organic * Economical * Ecological * 28 Varieties * Year Round * Easy Digestibility * Rich in Enzymes * So Fresh You can Feel the Vitamins! * Concentrated with Phytochemicals * It's Springtime 365 Days per year!