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How To Live 100 Years, by Luigi Cornaro



Discourses On the Sober Life (How To Live 100 Years) by: Cornaro, Luigi ISBN: 0-7873-0223-6 format: Paperback pages: 72 1560 How To Live 100 Years. Louis Cornaro lived in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and attained the age of 102. When a man passes the century mark, he is someone to be listened to, - particularly if that great age was reached as the result of consciously reforming the diet and the general mode of life. Cornaro was told by his doctors, when he was about forty, that he had not long to live; but he outlived his physicians and maintained himself in a state of excellent health and vigor for more than sixty years. In this book he tells us how. By supplementing this volume with up to date information on dietetics and general hygiene there can be no doubt that a vital, healthy human race would result. It is with this hope that this book is sent forth on its mission.