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Pregnancy, Children & The Hallelujah Diet



By Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C. covers the fundamental areas of nutrition necessary for a couple to experience a healthy pregnancy and rear healthy children on a primarily raw plant-based diet. Overwhelming evidence from numerous scientific studies points to a well-balanced, plant-based diet (1000free of animal protein and animal fat) as the optimal diet for a joyous, disease-free, and fulfilling long life. In order to ensure that our children are born with the best opportunity to experience life to the fullest, it is imperative that prospective parents educate themselves on the fundamentals of a healthy conception and pregnancy, the options for the healthiest birth experience, and the best way to optimally meet the nutritional needs of a young growing child during the most critical years of life.

Discover how to follow the principles of God�s natural laws of health and ensure that vital areas of nutrition are met when considering pregnancy and child rearing. And, remember it is never too early or too late to transition a child onto a healthy plant-based diet. The quality of their health depends upon it!