HD Raw Carob (16 oz.)



Hallelujah Diet® Chocolate Substitute

Hallelujah Diet® Raw Carob Powder is cold-processed to fit perfectly in your Bible nutrition plan as well as most vegan, whole food, raw food and living food diets.

Mentioned in the Bible as "honey locust," carob sustained St. John the Baptist during his wilderness days. Today, it offers natural relief for sore throat, diarrhea, nausea and other stomach upsets. And it's an easy-to-use, healthy substitute for chocolate and cocoa powder.

Unlike chocolate -- which contains caffeine, theobromine and other chemicals that can cause sleeplessness, anxiety and allergic reactions -- our Raw Carob Powder is "chock full" of nutrients, including B vitamins, calcium, iron, and other minerals and even protein. Low in fat, Raw Carob Powder is an alkaline food (helpful in maintain healthy pH levels in your body) and promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Carob is also naturally sweeter than chocolate, which means you can cut back on sugar when you use it as a substitute in your favorite recipes.

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