Brizo: For Men's Prostate Health



The Brizo™ Solution Brizo™ is a unique, non-GMO, fermented soy extract that revolutionizes prostate health and help to improve quality-of-life. Brizo is safe, effective and gentle. Each box has 56 capsules, enough for a four-week supply. Brizo is made and manufactured by a leading biotech company, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, located in Israel. How Can Brizo™ Help You? The Problem(s)- Too Frequent Urination For Men & Lack Of Control 50% of men over the age of 50 have issues where they go to the bathroom too often, especially at night. You are not alone. Lack of sleep and the need to urinate at all hours can impact one’s quality of life. The cause is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate, which can become a medical issue long-term. Brizo™ Test Results Brizo conduct a test among 176 men with urinary issue. Of the 176 men tested, they achieved about a 75% improvement after taking Brizo for three months, utilizing the internationally accepted IPSS (International Prostate Symptoms Score) as an assessment tool*. Brizo Benefits Brizo may help to improve your prostate health and quality of life in several areas... Less urgency to urinate during the day-time Reduced frequency of night-time bathroom visits Reduced pressure on the urinary tract Improved ease of urination Strengthened urine stream and less dribbling Feeling empty after urination When to Expect Relief With Brizo™ It taken as suggested, some men experience relief within a week.* More often, it takes about two weeks to see results.* To maximize its effectiveness, it is recommended that Brizo be taken continuously to achieve desired results. After about three months, most men will experience maximum relief, which is sustained as long as Brizo is consumed continously.*
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