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The Daylight Diet; Divine Eating for Superior Health and Digestion by Paul Nison



Did you know when you eat is just as important as what you eat? It can determine your total health and wellness. Raw Food Chef and Author Paul Nison has studied the topic of health and digestion for years and will share information no one else is talking about in his newest book, The Daylight Diet. In this book you will learn the ideal times to eat for best digestion. The best times to be awake and go to sleep. How to overcoming late-night eating, lose weight, gain energy and so much more. This way of eating has also been prove to build immunity to fight disease.

What others are saying about this book
With Paul�s approach you will cut down radically the amount of hours you need to sleep and will wake fully energized after a night of beautiful and enjoyable dreams.
-Viktoras Kulvinskas Author of best seller Survival Into the 21st Century and co-founder, with Dr. Ann Wigmore of the world famous Hippocrates health Institute

This important contribution highlights a critical aspect of Biological Health. Paul�s easy to understand explanation about timing your food consumption is as crucial to employ as the choices themselves.
Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, Ph.D.,L.N. Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute

For over 30 years I deal with cancer patients that all could have profited massively from Paul Nison�s books and knowledge. Paul is his own best show case model he walks his talk and lives what he is teaching. His new book: � The Daylight Diet� is a new breakthrough in Paul�s work. He demonstrates for everybody how easy it can be to live a healthier, happier and more energetic life. I will make this book to a must read for everybody I care for. Paul Nison�s insight and experience gives the reader a new way to understand and achieve better health, energy and quality of life.
Dr Leonard Coldwell NMD PHD DNM CNHP Author: Instinct Based Medicine � How to survive your illness and your doctor

I�ve read many books about health in the last sixty years. The Daylight Diet by Paul Nison is one of the best books that I�ve ever read, with a very important profound message that is often overlooked as he expounds on the wisdom of eating during daylight hours. For those who are not willing to settle for mediocrity and want to strive to be the most they can, this book is a must read.
Dr. Fred Bisci

Paul Nison�s book, The Daylight Diet, tells about the nightmares of eating late at night. This goes right along with the message I have been teaching all my life. Our digestion has its highest absorption when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. We should wake at dawn and sleep after sunset. I can truly say even at my age of eighty-six years, that I have benefited from Paul�s insights and especially this important message in his latest book.
Jay Kordich author of The Father of Juicing

A key to my longevity is that I eat the same time everyday and never eat at nighttime.
Bernando LaPallo, 108 years old

Paul Nison�s book ought to be required reading for anyone seeking to embrace the full value of a calorie-restricted, raw foods regimen. I endorse Paul�s Daylight Diet because it�s very similar to my own Quantum Eating plan.
Tonya Zavasta, author of Your Right to Be Beautiful: Miracle of Raw Foods and Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Rejuvenation. Her website is

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