Monthly Support Kit (Berry)



New! Quick Start Kit Learn, cleanse, and rebuild all in one kit! You'll get all you need to begin The Hallelujah Diet right away. Includes The Hallelujah Diet book, plus Hallelujah Acres' signature Fiber Cleanse product, and BarleyMax one of the most potent superfood supplements on the planet! INCLUDES: BarleyMax (8.5 oz) powder or 240 veg. capsules BarleyMax is an exceptionally pure, one-of-a-kind superfood that is arguably the best value, best quality, live enzyme juice powder on the market! B-Flax-D (32 oz powder) B-Flax-D is a rich source of both soluble and insoluable fiber, plus a wealth of vitamins and minerals to help achieve and maintain optimal health. Digestive Enzymes (90 veg. capsules) Provides live enzymes missing from cooked foods to help the body absorb nutrients. Also contains significant amount of probiotics.
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