Cancer Rescue Plan (Berry Flavor)



The word "cancer" can spread fear like wildfire. But science has learned that most cancers can be prevented and managed byincorporating a diet of clean, plant-based foods, as well as getting plenty of rest and exercise. Only The Hallelujah Diet�: Addresses nutritional deficiency and the need to eliminate toxins simultaneously Provides the most efficient and effective way to support the body's self-healing ability Is an integral part of The Hallelujah Diet� Cancer Get Started Support Kit, which includes an additional, customized selection of supplements to support the body's healing efforts when battling cancer, specifically. By incorporating an exclusively plant-based, primarily raw food diet, you will: Strengthen your immune system Increase your energy Help support your body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels As you begin to follow The Hallelujah Diet�: Your daily food intake should include plenty of leafy greens, blended vegetables, juices and minimal fruits (although nutritious, fruits should be limited to 15% of your total dietary intake). The optimal goal to supercharge your efforts is an 85% raw/15% cooked, plant-based diet fortified with pure water, exercise and rest. Whether you're treating your cancer through conventional or alternative means, The Hallelujah Diet�, in conjunction with The Hallelujah Diet� Cancer Get Started Support Kit, will put your body into its best possible state to augment that treatment. .
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